NETZON® offline archive racks

Easy and intelligent offline archiving

The HMS NETZON 8-OFF offline archive rack has enough space for up to 3360 data carriers and a storage capacity of up to 430 TB.

  • Intelligent offline rack for long-term data archiving
  • 19” rack solution (aluminium chassis)
  • Unit accommodating up to 12 drawers, each with 8 magazines
  • 96 removable magazines with RFID tags
  • Full monitoring of all magazines with positional sensors


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Archive system of engineered quality

Made of high-quality aluminium and built to the highest in quality standards, the NETZON HMS 8-OFF offline archive rack offers the option of securely and systematically storing data using modular nearline and offline data storage, with standardised optical media.

The 12 intelligent drawers of the NETZON HMS 8-OFF can house 8 magazines of 35 offline media. Thus, the offline capacity is up to 3360 media, i.e. 430 terabytes of data. Sensors in the drawers and passive transmitters in the magazines ensure that the system can also provide information about the whereabouts of each medium.

The NETZON HMS 1035 and NETZON HMS 2105 libraries can be integrated as modules in pairs in the 19” cabinet. Archive data can be stored in the integrated libraries or in the offline drawers present in the rack. Thanks to the innovative extraction mechanism, the libraries are individually accessible for maintenance purposes.

Technical Data

ModelsHMS 8-OFF 5HMS 8-OFF 6HMS 8-OFF 7HMS 8-OFF 8HMS 8-OFF 10HMS 8-OFF 12
Drawers5 (37U)6 (37U)7 (42U)8 (42U)10 (37U)12 (42U)
Number of magazines (inclusive)404856648096
Number of media140016801960224028003360
Storage capacity
(100 / 128 GB Blu-ray)
140 / 179 TB168 / 215 TB196 / 250 TB224 / 286 TB280 / 358 TB 336 / 430 TB
Ready for:2x HMS 21052x HMS 10352x HMS 21052x HMS 1035--
Data sheetHIT-Storage offline archive storage (PDF)