NETZON® HMS archive storage with Blu-ray magazines

Libraries for long-term archiving

HIT HSM libraries are specially designed for the long-term archiving of critical digital data. The optical data carriers can be used for both nearline and offline access.

  • 3.5TB to 175TB storage capacity (100 GB BDs)
  • Magazines with 35 Blu-ray media each
  • Reliable and durable trueWORM data carriers (50 years)
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • No heat dissipation
  • Almost no migration costs


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High-volume optical archive library

HIT/NETZON’s HSM range are highly reliable near-line mass storage systems which use Blu-ray media of 50, 100 or 128GB, and are optimally organised into magazines each of 35 media, for long-term and optimised energy-efficient data management (Green IT). The smaller range of HIT archive storage has systems of 35 media (HMS 1035), 105 media (HMS 2105), 350 media (HMS 3350) and 560 media (HMS 3560).

The latest model from the HMS range: the “5175”

The new HMS 5175 model, with 1750 media, has unique properties, making the system especially suitable for long-term data storage for the analysis of Big Data, but also as secure data storage for the archiving of sensitive and business-critical data. The HMS 5175 media library can be used with a maximum of 12 drives and is thus able to transfer to optimal media at a rate of up to 280MB/sec. The in-built NAS server has a hard drive cache, which is intelligently managed by the library software and is also designed to be fail-safe, thanks to redundant power supplies.

These systems enjoy minimal energy consumption (COLD storage) compared to other storage systems. The robust mechanics (HIT archive robots have been in use for 20 years now), and the innovative magazine technology, ensure long-term access to databases. The separation of data carriers and drives also ensures against data loss. Professional BD media are certified for a lifespan of 50-100 years and thus significantly reduce migration costs.

Magazines for the HMS libraries

  • Ergonomic design for quick and easy access
  • Patented design: removable data magazines
  • Suitable for all archive storage in the HMS and offline range
  • 35 media on special data carriers, for contactless transportation
  • Changer magazine for easy replacement and offline data management
  • Locking mechanism protects data carriers from accidental opening during transportation and removal of media
  • Double RFID marking

Technical Data

ModelsHMS 1035HMS 2105HMS 3350HMS 3560HMP 3560HMS 5175
Disc capacity351053505605601750
Disc magazine
(with 35 slots)
Storage capacity
(100 / 128 GB BD)
3.5 / 4.4 TB10.5 / 13.4 TB35 / 44.8 TB56 / 71.6 TB56 / 71.6 TB175 / 224 TB
Disc load time
< 3.5 secs.< 5 secs.< 6 secs.< 6 secs.< 6 secs. 
MSBF2.5 million2.5 million2.5 million2.5 million2.5 million2.5 million
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Data sheetHIT-Storage HMS archive storage (PDF)