NETZON® HDL archive storage with Blu-ray cartridges

Optical WORM cartridge libraries for the highest level of security and non-modifiable long-term archiving

  • 2.4 TB to 1000 TB capacity
  • Cartridges with 12 Blu-ray media
  • Reliable and durable trueWORM data carriers (50 years)
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • No heat dissipation
  • Almost no migration costs


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High-density optical storage systems

HIT’s HDL boxes bring order to your databases and enjoy impressively high capacity and secure storage technology. The storage systems, which were promoted to a great extent via a Facebook project, accommodate cartridges each holding 12 Blu-rays (each of 100 or 128 GB) (instead of 35-slot magazines) with a capacity of 1.2 TB or 1.5 TB per cassette. The various HDL models thus enjoy a substantial 2.4 TB capacity in the smallest version (the HDL 24), and up to at least 1 petabyte for the HIT HDL P1.

Thanks to its innovative architecture, the HDL P1 the system is especially suitable for long-term data storage, such as the use of big data analysis, but also as secure data storage for the archiving of sensitive and business-critical data. The HDL P1 media library can be used with a maximum of 12 drives and is thus able to transfer to optimal media at a rate of up to 280MB/sec. The in-built NAS server is equipped with a hard drive cache and a redundant power supply.

Compared with other storage systems, and given its accessible capacity of 1PB – the overall system has the lowest energy consumption (green storage). The robust mechanics (HIT archive robots have been in use for 20 years now), and the innovative magazine technology, ensure long-term access to databases. The separation of data carriers and drives (COLD storage) also ensures against data loss. Professional BD media offer a lifespan of 50-100 years and thus significantly reduce migration costs.

Cartridges for the HDL libraries

  • Ergonomic design for quick and easy access
  • Patented design
  • 12 media per cartridge for contactless transportation
  • Changer cartridge for easy replacement and offline data management
  • Locking mechanism protects data carriers from accidental opening during transportation and removal of media
  • RFID marking

Technical Data

ModelsHDL 24HDL 576HDL 1152HDL 8640HDL 10368
Disc capacity245761152864010368
Disc cartridges (with 12 slots)24896720864
Storage capacity (100 / 128 GB BD)2.4 / 3 TB57,6 / 73,7 TB115,2 / 145,4 TB864 / 1105 TB1037 / 1327 TB
Drives22 - 62 - 61212
Disc load time (average)5 secs.5 secs.5 secs.< 10 secs.< 10 secs.
MSBF5 million5 million5 million> 2.5 million> 2.5 million
InterfacesLAN, Mini SAS, SATA
Data sheetHIT-Storage HDL archive storage (PDF)